PAINTWORK – A brief glimpse into our augmented reality future [2013]

New Scientist’s Arc Magazine and science fiction author Tim Maughan are proud to announce the online debut of the low budget, experimental short film Paintwork. Set in near-future Bristol – the British city known internationally for spawning Banksy – it follows augmented reality graffiti artist 3Cube as she illegally transforms an all-too familiar advertising billboard into a work of high tech street art, and poses questions about the relationships between technology, advertising and the control of public spaces.

Heavily influenced by Chris Marker’s seminal 1962 film La Jetée, Paintwork blends still photography by Laurie Eagle and computer animation by Alan Tabrett with audio from two stalwarts of the Bristol music scene in the form of narration by renowned MC Koast and an exclusive soundtrack from influential dubstep producer Forsaken. Based on the title short story from Maughan’s critically acclaimed collection, Paintwork was premiered in an early form in February as part of the arts festival Sonic Acts in Amsterdam, but today sees the unveiling of the completed version.

Tim Maughan is a science fiction author and freelance writer based in Bristol. His short story Limited Edition has been shortlisted for the British Science Fiction Association award.

Alan Tabrett is a 3D designer, animator and visual effects artist from North Somerset in the UK

Laurie Eagle is a musician and photographer, also from North Somerset.

Bristol-based Koast is a hard-working & versatile MC, who has spent the best part of a decade grafting to carve a niche as one of the top hosts in the dubstep & bass music scenes, as well as running the record label Durkle Disco.

Pete Thomas has released solo work as Forsaken on Punch Drunk and Immerse, and is also producer and writer for the band Isola Dusk with releases on Dark Clover and 2 Floors Down. He was also co-founder of the influential label Soul Motive.

Bobi Maughan is a freelance graphic designer based in Bristol, specializing in print and packaging design.

Arc Magazine is a digital quarterly from New Scientist of fact, fiction and opinion about the future.