Memorize – Short Film [2012]


In 2027, everyone is implanted with a chip – the Memorize-chip. It records everything you see, a new system to fight crime. One unit controls the system. The SSU – Special Surveillance Unit.

Written & Directed by Eric Ramberg and Jimmy Eriksson

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Manager: Scott Glassgold / IAM Entertainment

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Eric Ramberg:
Jimmy Eriksson:

Music: “I’m Not Ready To Die” by Steve Jablonsky [YouTube]

Sorice [2017]

Unable to escape from something that lives within, a young woman must learn to control her fears, only to reveal her past and to discover a powerful future.
SORICE is a sci-fi dark proof of concept/trailer created by Angelo White.

MACHINE ELEVEN presents – an ANGELO WHITE film produced by H1 cast CHANEL SOREE & LOISE GENDEL – “SORICE” – music by ROMAN MOLINO DUNN – director of photography JESSE VULINK ERIK VAN DER ZWAN – edited by ANGELO WHITE – vfx supervisor ANGELO WHITE – written & directed by ANGELO WHITE
Copyright @ 2017 by Machine Eleven All Rights Reserved

Lost Boy (2016)

Year unknown. Population Zero. Welcome to LOST BOY.

Following in the footsteps of SUNDAYS, their debut concept short success which turned heads worldwide last year, comes LOST BOY, the hugely awaited punk sci-fi feature project which is next in-line from visionary outfit PostPanic Pictures.

Directed by Ash Thorp and Anthony Scott Burns, this LOST BOY concept short lays down the gauntlet once again by showcasing the creative ambitions of Hollywood’s next generation of storytellers.

LOST BOY is an ambitious sci-fi concept heavily influenced by the American action classics and Japanese samurai films. LOST BOY represents the second feature in a series of director-driven film projects from the Amsterdam-based production company, PostPanic Pictures.

Name you price to own soundtrack by Pilot Priest


POSTPANIC PICTURES present – a ASH THORP & ANTHONY SCOTT BURNS film produced by MISCHA ROZEMA & JULES TERVOORT and starring NEREA REVILLA – WASTECLEY MORALES “LOST BOY” – original score by ANGUS MACRAE & PILOTPRIEST – director of photography ARNAU VALLS COLOMER – edited by ANTHONY SCOTT BURNS – vfx supervisor IVOR GOLDBERG – co-producers JONAS HENDRIX – ALVARO WEBER – costume design PATRICK RAZO – associate producer ANNEJES VAN LIEMPD – consulting producer ANIA MARKHAM – sound designer JOCHEN MADER – producers JULES TERVOORT – MISCHA ROZEMA – story, screenplay & directed by ASH THORP & ANTHONY SCOTT BURNS

Copyright @ 2016 by PostPanic Pictures B.V. All Rights Reserved

Genesis (2017)

Published on 8 Mar 2017

Genesis is a sci-fi shorvtfilm about two souls that unite in cyberspace to create the perfect being.

Girl / Genesis: Natalia B. Herraiz.
Motorist: Emilio Caparrós.

Directed by David Placer. ()

Produced by David Delgado.

Music by Siddhartha Barnhoorn.

Director of Photography: Ana Ramos.

Art Director: Julián López.

Sound Design by Dave S. Walker aka Kyoto Dragon

Edition & VFX: David Placer.

Assistant Director: Alfonso Ruiz.

Assistant Art Director: Kike Rodriguez.

Runner: Pablo Couto.

Red Dress by Amaia Relloso.

Raiders: Sebastián Moreno & Pablo Couto

Original Soundtrack: Siddhartha Barnhoorn

Tomorrow Calling (1993)

From Wikipedia page about the short:

“The Gernsback Continuum” was adapted during 1993 as Tomorrow Calling, a short TV film by Tim Leandro for Film4 Productions.[3] Originally shown on Channel 4, the film was also presented at the British Film Festival, 4–10 October 1996.


Directed by Tim Leandro

Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)

William Gibson – (short story “The Gernsback Continuum”)
Tim Leandro – (screenplay)

Cast (in credits order)

Colin Salmon – Bill
Don Henderson – Mervyn Kihn
Toyah Willcox – Dialta Downes
Sara Stockbridge
Jack Raymond

Full cast list available on IMDb website.

True Skin

Written & Directed by: Stephan Zlotescu [Vimeo]
Director of Photography: H1 [FBVimeo]
Original Music: J-Punch [SoundCloud, iTunes]-…
Producer: H1 & Christopher Sewall
Manager: Scott Glassgold / Ground Control LA

As a bonus you can listen to his song.
Synthetic Heart – True Skin (End Credits Song)

Sci Fi Short Film – The Leap Sci Fi Short Film – YouTube

About The Leap Sci Fi Short Film

Take Point presents an Ascension production in association with Great Guns.
Written, designed & directed by Karel van Bellingen
Produced by Craig Tuohy
Cinematography by Tony C. Miller
Music by Chris Green
Sound supervised by Dominic Gibbs
Visual Effects supervised by Bryan Jones
Visual Effects by Troll VFX, Villains Wear Black & Engine House

Officially licensed by Dolby to showcase DOLBY® ATMOS™ worldwide.
In 2069, New Earth is declared open for civilian migration, a decade after its discovery. As tales of wonder and opportunity reach the Old World, taking ‘the leap’ becomes the dream of millions. Unable to afford the journey, many of the less fortunate risk their lives being smuggled aboard cargo ships. The inter-planetary Migration Administration, or IPMA, deals with human trafficking on a biblical scale.
Fifteen years later, Jacob Reiss, a disillusioned IPMA veteran, has a fateful encounter with a young cartel prostitute. A meeting that forces him to confront a dark chapter from his past in order to save them both from a bleak future in one final, violent shot at redemption.

#science ficton#scifi#sci-fi#indie#space#epic#drama#thriller#story#short#short film#redemption


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